A Poem for Trayvon Martin

Photo: public march for Trayvon Martin in San Francisco, California. The Commons.


  1. In Sanford, Florida a young life was snuffed out by the captain of a neighborhood watch,

    Local authorities wouldn't make an arrest so the investigation had to be taken up a notch--

    To the Fed's and now the world has been made aware of a child's last words and screams,

    As he walked down the street clad in a hoodie with a bag of skittles, cell phone and tea,

    The overwhelming sentiment is that he was killed simply because of the color of his skin

    His assailant called the police and said his kind always gets away time and time again

    President Obama took a moment and reflected on the situation and said if he had a son

    He'd look like Trayvon,

    Television Personality Geraldo Rivera urged black and hispanic teens not to go outside

    with their hoodies on.

    Illinois State Representative Bobby Rush got thrown off the house floor for concealing a

    hoodie under his suit in protest of the teens murder and he said 'just because you wear a

    hoodie it doesn't make you a hoodlum!'

    Day after day, we are hearing that sentiment across the United States and it started from:

    Hearing the FBI play the 911 calls from the assailant as it was amped up a

    Thousand watts,

    Thousands upon thousands have marched across the country and await

    the grand jury investigation on April 10th a day that won’t soon be forgot---ten.

    George Zimmerman the killer called and left an apology on an answering machine,

    The bland message sounded as if he was apologizing for not keeping his walkway clean.

    In the interim Trayvon’s parents have to cope with living without their child,

    Friends and supporters search to find ways to honor him but things got wild.

    After the grand jury convenes in April the world may begin to heal Zimmerman might be

    brought to justice and learn that a(ny) life he has no right to


    Then perhaps the 'stand your ground' law will be repealed.

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