Queen Tiye of the Land of Kmt: Revisiting Ancient Egypt

The Nubian Queen of Egypt
(cir. 1398 B.C. to 1338 B.C.)

Sculpture bust created circa 1355 B.C. renders Queen Tiye (Taia, Tiy, and Tiyi) the matriarch of the Amarna Dynasty, also referred to as: Lady of The Two Lands; Hereditary Princess; Great of Praises; Sweet of Love; King’s Wife; Great King’s Wife; Great King's Spouse; King’s Wife, His Beloved; Mistress of Upper and Lower Egypt; Mistress of the Two Lands). This head bust of Queen Tiye, full view below, was excavated from the Medinet el-Gurob region. The Hathor-Isis (double-plumed feather) crown below was said by one antiquities commentator to have been added later in antiquity.
Fragmentary bust of Queen Tiye, New Kingdom,
cir. 1355 BCE (Located at the Altes Museum, Berlin, German
[Ägyptisches Museum collection] )

Image: KMT, Ancient Egyptian, wall relief of Hathor and Isis blessing Nefertari.
Located inside the smaller Abu Simbel temple, 230 km southeast of Aswan,
near the border of Egypt with Sudan. Also the site of two temples
of Ramesses II (1279 - 1213 BCE).

Queen Tiye's  father was Yuya, the commander of the Chariotry, God's Father and High Priest of Min from Akhmin in Upper Kemet. Her mother was Thuya (Tuya, Tjuyu, Thuyu, Singer of Hathor), Chief of the Entertainers of Amun and Min. According to "The Complete Practical Encyclopedia of Archaeology," Thuya may have also been descendent of Ahmose-Nefertari of the 18th dynasty. Queen Tiye's parents were buried in the Valley of the Kings (tomb KV46). Her brother was Amen, Second Priest of Amun in Karnak.

Bust of Queen Tiye's father Yuya  

Bust of Queen Tiye's father Thuya

Green steatite statue of Queen Tiye in the Louvre (France) 
(N 2312, E 25493). Photo by Keith Schengili-Roberts

The ancient Egyptian (Kemet) ruler Pharaoh Amenhotep III was so captivated by Queen Tiye's wisdom and beauty that he defied customs and made her his Great Royal Spouse during the second year of his reign. The commentators note that her counsel was relied upon greatly by Pharaoh Amenhotep III, in both national military and political matters. According to some Amarna letters, Queen Tiye was indeed an influential lady at court and acquired independent wealth owned separate from the wealth  of the royal house.

12-foot colossus (statue) of Queen Tiye discovered in 2008. Made of quartzite, this royal statuary was originally attached to a 50-foot statute that included a seated Pharaoh Amenhotep III.
Pharaoh Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV) was one of the many children born to Queen Tiye and Pharaoh Amenhotep III. Others children were Sitamun, Henuttaneb, Nebetiah, Isis, and Thutmosis. After Pharaoh Akhenaten became ruler and married Nefertiti, his royal administration instituted some of the most significant religious reforms during the dynastic history of ancient Egypt, which includes the "One God" concept. Queen Mother Tiye, however, continued her role as royal advisor. Pharaoh Tutankhamun (King Tut) is the grandson of Queen Tiye and in Sedeinga, Nubia, a temple was dedicated to honor her works.

Map of ancient Upper, Middle, and Lower Egypt; Upper Nubia, Lower Nubia regions.

Map of Lower, Middle and Upper Egypt. Kmt Kemet Nubia. Em Hotep Ptah Memphis (Public Domain) .


  1. Nswt Tiyi was of Upper Kmt not of Ta-seti, europeans made the difference to foster the lie of Kmt being asian or european NOT of Alkebulan(africa)
    The country's name(pn) is KMT NOT egypt (greek)
    Kings are called Nsw(t) NOT Pharoahs(greek)the "t" is the female determinate
    AST NOT isis(greek) & HAR-HOR NOT hathor(greek)
    Ta-seti NOT Nubia or Sudan

    1. blonde hared egyptians lol what a joke.

    2. Thank you for this! Where can I read more?

    3. It actually HatoRA is in the masculine Ra. HatorTa is feminine. AuseTA AusetRA.

    4. Exactly, majority of the names were corrupted.

      Apparently, I tried reading the letter from the king of mittani to Akhenaten and I was terrified!!

      It was an "Uncle curse" for not honouring a promise(funny enough all the grammer in use are still in use till date).

      The translation postulated that it was a praise

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    Esna Temple ~ El Kab ~Edfu Temple ~ Kom Ombo Temple~ Aswan
    Isis Temple at Philae .

  3. I sigh with deep disgust of the European lies and theft. Dates, facts, obvious paintings and sculptures are on our side.

  4. �� Queen Tiye was a phenomenal leader in many respects. We should learn from #QueenTiye's wisdom & legacy, especially our black queens. Our #queens were seen as goddesses and #MotherGod, but it's hard to imagine that with all the confusion and disrespect of our women. Check out my book �� “7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire”

  5. I never understood how the most popular reconstruction of king Tut's mummy was made to look european and accepted as such when clearly his grandmother is a black african woman. When does common sense kick in. I am mixed with black, white and native american and am clearly a light skin black man. King Tut's dna analysis shows that he is mixed with black,middle-eastern and european genes. Shouldn't he look more like us mixed african americans instead of the white reconstruction that has been shown on tv and throughout the internet.... Crazy world lol

    1. Um. Where are these supposed European genes of Tutu Ankh Amon? Both his parents were Africans.

    2. He looks exactly like a mixed person, he does not look white and if someone who looked like him lived in the US he would never be called white and he looks like someone I'd see walking down the street here in Egypt. The skin color of light brown that they assumed is perfectly within the range of the diverse skin tones Egyptians have and is very very common in Egypt. There's no conspiracy here. Perhaps if they demonstrated him with longer hair instead of a shaven head you'd be more convinced.

  6. Exactly both his parents were black African no European blood in him ..that came much later to Egypt

    1. Bullseye 🎯 on ur commentary. They've been trying to erase the blackness of Kemet(Egypt) for centuries knowing melainated ppl build the pyramids and the dynastic greatness of Alkebukan(Africa)
      Eurocentrics rename the various great civilizations to appear white but the deeper they dig the blacker the evidence reveals itself.

  7. The black community have awaken stop
    Trying to snow ball us no person ever
    Came out of Africa ended up White besides his parents and grandparents
    Where Black.


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